Thursday, July 7, 2011

Famous Ears

I posted this entry to my Friendster blog on August 31, 2007. I hope you'll like it.

When I was young, I hated my ears.

And I sometimes wonder what these are for.

I mean, it’s very hard to clean, with all its curbs and alleys.

It gets in the way when I’m having my haircut.

It also gets in the way when I comb my hair.

They are just two chunks of meat which protrudes on both sides of my face.

Which by the way, I can’t even feel.

Unless of course my mom manage to grab it while scolding me.

And when I was young, I was very naughty.

So you could just imagine how many times these chunks-of-meat have been pulled by mom.

The thing is, no matter how I turn, she still manages to grab one.

Silly ears, hanging there where they are not suppose to.

But that was then.

As I grow up, I managed to appreciate its use.

My friends and I devised a clever way to keep us amused, By flicking each others ears whenever one loses out on a jack-and-poy.

My uncle, the carpenter uses them as a pencil holder.

And my friend uses it as a coin purse.

Some people use them to decorate themselves up.

Nice. Nice. Nice.

As a teenager I started looking at ears differently.

Especially when a girl starts to brush aside her hair with her fingers to show her ear with one swift motion.

It’s really nice to watch.

Whoever invented that move was a real genius.

It’s a sure-fire attention getter.

And it’s very hard to explain why boys are somewhat magnetized by an ear.

One of the great mysteries of life huh!

Today I learned to live with my ears.

I made peace with them.

I have memorized all its alleys and curbs so it’s easier for me to clean them.

I now get angry with the barber when he handles my ears with hostility.

Not the other way around.

But the greatest discovery I made about my ears is it is directly linked to my lips.

A girls whisper never fails to put a smile on my lips.

It doesn’t matter if she’s asking me to lend her some money, Or saying that my feet smell so bad.

The smile will always be there.

In one of Shakespeare’s play, he made the ear famous.

It was Mark Anthony who blurted out one of the most famous lines in play history.

It was, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears….”

I bet you heard that before.

I told you it was famous.

The line wasn’t famous because of the “Friends” or “Romans” nor the “Countrymen”.

It was the “EAR” that gave the magical spark.

I bet you can’t remember the next line after that.

I also cannot.

It was as if the world stopped right after the “EARS”

It is a good word.

And a great chunk-of-meat.

If I were Eric Clapton, I’d sing “Ears in Heaven”.


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