Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mad World

I posted this entry to my Friendster blog on July 26, 2007.

Sitting in an MRT train is a man holding a bible, eyes fixed on the thin fine pages. His hand keeps on flipping the pages. Pauses for a couple of seconds, as if reflecting and checks if he is being noticed. Then pretends to read again and continues with his page-flipping.


A woman talks about her church-going habit openly. She prays, mentions and discusses about her religion with regularity. But then again, she is not well liked by her peers. Is it because she’s too holy for them? Or is it because what she say and do are poles apart? It’s the latter.


A group of people says they are the “chosen people”. Salvation is for them alone come apocalypse. Berates and attacks other religion to the point of threatening their lives.


Another group, considered as one of the “most devoted” to their religion, speaks about their God all the time and at the same breath swears to kill and wipe out all their “enemies” regardless of age, race and gender.


God and religion is being used as an excuse to gain acceptance, fame and power. From an innocent looking man who just wanted to be noticed, to the killers of thousands of innocent lives (and still hungry for more). How a humble act of submitting oneself to God did became a source of all these chaos?

Has the world really gone MAD? Or it was always this way from the beginning?

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