Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sensing the Non Sense

not everything makes sense.

just when you thought you have it all figured out.

there are certain things that isn’t rational.

not all Q’s has A’s.

logic sometimes hangs around with ‘il’ and ‘al’.

I used to think everything has a reason.

i know why most people put their wristwatches on the left hand.

i also know why the buttons on a girls clothing is on the left side.

but this.

as i was traversing the narrow path of endless boutique in plaza singapura, one item caught my attention.

up to this minute, i cant figure out why. WHY?

this is a dilemma.

somebody must have the perfect answer.

but then again, maybe nobody knows.

maybe someone will pretend he knows.

dont ask me. i dont have it.

will the answer be logical? rational? sensible? reasonable?

beats me. maybe. maybe not.

can you explain to me why on earth? how on earth?

this tiny piece of garment called ‘panties’ is more expensive than my levi’s 501 jeans?

go figure.


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