Thursday, July 7, 2011

Winners, You and I

I have been down before.
There were times when I felt I lost it all.
But did I crumble?

No lah!

I Fight back. I Pray. I Hang on,
and I reminisce. Yes reminisce.

I try to remember the biggest win I ever had in my entire life.
A victory we all have achieved. A win so glorious it started the ball rolling.
Yes. We share the same experience.
No matter who you are, no matter where you are. We have done it.
Except maybe those ones who started it in a GLASS.

Interested? Read on.

Remember the time when you were in a dark room?
The room was so packed you can't hardly even move?
Where everyone else looks exactly like you?
Remember that? Think hard! It will come back.

Then the room started jerking, slow at first.
Pretty soon the jerking was turned into shaking, you start to panic.
Then the fellow near the door shouted, “get ready fellas!”.
Suddenly, you along with millions of other sperm blasted to an equally dark room, but bigger this time.

You started swimming, then you realized this is a RACE. But there are no signs which way to go.
Others opted the closer path behind you towards the light.
Only to see them disappear as they slide downwards.

Without direction and totally on your own you won the race.
You managed to get inside that wonderful egg.
You beat million of other sperms.
And you are blessed with this thing we now call LIFE.

You see, from the beginning life is a struggle, it’s a competition, it’s about survival.
It’s about being strong and trusting your instincts.
So when you’re down and out, just remember this story and fight on,
for we are all WINNERS, You and I.

*note : this is a revised version of the speech which I have delivered on my speech class during my college days, after the speech, Ms. Lopez, my newly grad teacher, single and with an angelic face never looked at me the same way again.

Her eyes says it all… “Oh God, I have a maniac in class.”


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