Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Better Half

I posted this to my Friendster blog on July 16, 2007

I’m not exactly what you call an Alpha Male.

I’m not even a Beta for crying out loud.

I have lots of flaws, I could counter Lindsey Lohan’s prickled face.

I mean, perfection is the farthest thing on GOD’s mind when he scribbled me.

I took some wrong turns and my wife knows that.

But she stayed beside me, she never walks away.

She is always on my ear rather than in my face.

She’s more like my class adviser rather than our school librarian.

My wife knows my darkest side too.

Like how I press my toothpaste in the middle instead of working my way from the bottom.

Or how I always forget to put down the toilet seat cover after taking a pee.

She’s also the only one on the planet who knows that Ben Wallace is whiter than my ass.

But through it all, she hangs on.

Sometimes I wonder if I really deserve her.

Maybe I’m just a lucky guy.

Am I capable of giving back all her love?

I also don’t know. Maybe one day I will ask her.

What I do know is I am glad I am making this journey with her.

For I don’t know how many rough roads I can endure without her.

If I say she’s very supportive, that’s an understatement.

So I guess on this day, Fathers day, I will reverse an old tradition.

Today, on our family, the father will give honor and thanks to the mother.

Because I believe that I am not a complete man without her.

I am not perfect but with her I feel that I am, and sometimes that is all what matters.

I wanna say, thank you Yollie for staying on my passenger seat.

Thank you for being my BETTER HALF. I love you.


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