Thursday, July 7, 2011


I posted this to my Friendster blog on June 19, 2007

When was the last time you had peanuts?

My mother used to say it is good for my memory.

I don’t believe her.

But I loved it.

Back in high school I used to munch a bunch of those.

I would normally skip an extra rice on lunch or a cold coca-cola just to save money for a tiny bag of peanuts come dismissal time.

The peanut vendors are too smart to strategically position their carts where I would normally pass on my way home.

Never mind the pimple that keeps popping out, I love that stuff.

By the time I finished savoring the contents of my tiny peanut bag, my index finger and my thumb nails are the cleanest part of my body.

Neat huh?

But I eat those not to enrich my reminiscing prowess but for the pure pleasure of munching it. Yummy.

Now why peanuts?

Because when you live thousands of miles away from your family you tend to think about peanuts.

You tend to rely on your memory.

You tend to remember every detail about your family.

Every birthday, every Christmas, every New Year’s Eve, and even those “araw ng kagitingan” days you spent with them.

You try to reminisce every moment.

Memory becomes your greatest ally.

It is happening to me.

And boy am I glad I was a big peanut fan.

So it is true, mother knows best.

Hooray for Mom! Hooray for those vendors!

Hooray for PEANUTS!

Not only it is good for your memory, it improves your personal hygiene as well.


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